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Novice and Sophomore-Colt Singles Tournament
August 25 to Aug. 31, 2021

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Novice & Sophomore-Colts First Singles Tournaments Aug.jpg

First Games in the Singles Tournaments Aug. 25, 2021. 

The loser is eliminated and the winner goes on to compete against another game winners until the final Tournaments determines the winners 

Novice and Sophmore Colt finalist.jpg

Novice and Sophmore Colts Finalists

Serge Tremblay, winner, Vivian Jensen, RU.jpg

Novice Winner Serge Trembley,  Runner Up Vivian Jensen

Paul Fisher Winner, Lynn Hope RU.jpg

Sophomore/Colt Winner Paul Fisher,  Runner Up

Lynn Hope 

Serge Tremblay, vivian Jensen.jpg

Vivian congratualtes Serge when he was the first to score 21

Paul Fisher, Lynn Hope.jpg

Paul reaches 21 after a close game with Lynn 


Measure to be sure

Lynn Hope, Paul Fisher.jpg

Which bowl is the closest?

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