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Buy & Sell Lawnbowls and Equipment

for Tsawwassen Lawnbowling Club Members Only

If you want to sell please contact Laurie Fredricksen .

If you want to buy please contact the seller direct.

When your item has sold please inform Anne Peabody 

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Gripp Cloth Price $16.00. Taylor Bowls is selling this cloth as a replacement for Grippo.  From all reports it can be used on artificial greens.  The cloth should last one season. Two pictures show – front and back.

Regular Price $20. 

Contact Laurie Fredricksen

Grip it Stick.jpg

The Grip-It stick is like Grippo.  Price $20.00.  Only one left in stock.  No guarantees that you’ll be able to use it on our artificial green but you can certainly use it for the remainder of our grass days.

contact Laurie Fredricksen

Dradelock Measure.jpg

Gripdri Cloth.  Price $20.00.  It is a super absorbent microfibre cloth used to dry bowls.  

contact Laurie Fredricksen

Henselock Measure.jpg

  Henselock Highquality 7 ft steel measure Price $50

Contact Laurie Fredricksen


  Rubber wedge set of 4 wedges.  Price: $15.

  Currently sold out but more can be ordered.

Contact Laurie Fredricksen

Dradelock Measure.jpg

Drakes Pride 10 ft steel measure.  Price: $35.

Contact Laurie Fredricksen

Scorecard holder_edited_edited.jpg

Rigid score card holders with metal clip and pen holder    $12.50

Contact Laurie Fredricksen

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