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Lawnbowling Arm.

An aid for bowlers who have problems with back, knee, hip etc.

We now have one for our Members to try.

click here for a short video

Picking up the bowl:  To arrange the bowl in the arm with the correct bias and alignment place the bowl between your feet in the position you require. Hold the arm at a forward leaning angle and the jaws will fit over the bowl. With your thumb around the handgrip ( not on top ) lightly clench your fingers until the bowl can be picked up.


The Swing:  When you swing the arm it is not necessary to force the delivery. By lifting the arm up in front of your body the target area can be lined up and the weight of the bowl will naturally allow your arm to go into the backswing prior to delivery. The height of the backswing will depend on the distance required.


The Delivery:  Line up as for a normal delivery, be sure to take plenty of backswing without too much wrist as you should be swinging from the shoulder. As the arm swings forward unclench your fingers slightly to release the bowl at the bottom of the swing near the heel of your foot. Several practise swings should iron out any early or late release problems.


Some further considerations.

Grip:  Hold the arm in a loose clasp do not clench your fingers tightly as this will tend to effect the release.

Stance:  A fixed stance is satisfactory, some people prefer to take a shod step although this brings the arm closer to the green and must be allowed for.

Final Scores of the July 26. 2019 Cutthroat Tournament

Cutthroat Scores Week 10 Final Sept. 27,

New 2019 Cutthroat Friday Night Tournament

There will be two Leagues, the first beginning Friday May 10th and the second beginning Friday July 26, 2019



Maximum 32 contestants.   

Fee $5.00 to be paid no later than player’s second game.

Sign up sheet for the first League will be posted Friday April 26, 2019.

Games consist of 14 ends for 3 players and 10 ends for 4 players.

Games are made up of 3 or 4 players each delivering 4 bowls.



Points for groups of three:  3 points closest to the jack; 2 points for the second closest and 1 point for the third closest. 

Points for Groups of Fours:  4 points closest to the jack; 3 points for the second closest and 2 points for the third closest.  1 point for 4th closest.

If playing in a game with 4 players, each player gets a 3 point bonus.


Draw & Scoring:

There will be two separate Divisions.

  1. Division 1:  comprise of Skips and Vice-Skips (Reds and Greens).

  2. Division 2:  comprise of Seconds and Leads (Blues and Yellows).

  3. First week draw will be a random draw in both divisions.

  4. Subsequent weeks, the draw will be based on points scored in each Division ( i.e. - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place would play each other and so on down Division list)

  5. Individual weekly points will be totaled and added to previous weekly points.  Draws will be based on overall points scored in each Division ( i.e. - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place would play each other and so on down division list).

  6. If a bowler is absent, they will receive Missed Week Replacement Points based on the average of the bottom 1/3 of player’s scores in each division for that week.

  7. Bowlers must arrive 15 minutes before the posted time i.e. 6:15 pm to pick up their name tags and hand to the Convenor who will do the draw.  Draws will be in groups of three when possible.

  8. Two players in the group to keep score and one player can be the designated the raker.

  9. Before the scorecards are handed in they must be tallied.  The total points for groups of 3 must add up to 84.  The total points for groups of 4 must add up to 100.  The scorecards must agree before they are handed in to the Convenor.  The Convenor will add the additional 3 points to the scores of those playing in a game with 4 players.

  10. Prizes will be determined for each division by number of players registered.