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to the Tsawwassen Lawnbowling Club.

Delta, B.C,

Phone:  604-948-0228

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1 CALENDARS APRIL to SEPT. 2024 click here

2024 CALENDAR AT A GLANCE  click here

Officials- Game Rules and Description of Events 2024.  click here

Interested in joining our club?

Prospective members are invited to attend our Open House Saturday & Sunday April 27th & 28th 2024 , to learn about Membership and lesson information.  See the poster below:

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Reminders from the Games Chair- Jack Moores (April 2024)


Welcome to the Tsawwassen Lawn Bowling Club, we hope you enjoy the sport of lawn bowling. Feel free to ask members for advice, hopefully you will join some of our bowling events and attend social activities with our friendly members.   Below you will find descriptions of procedures and events the Games Committee is offering this year.



Many bowling events are organized using a draw procedure.  Bowlers are ranked according to ability and name tags are displayed on the club’s magnetic name tag board (blue-Novice, yellow-Seconds, Green-thirds and Red-Skips).  Games Committee convenors endeavor to organize competing teams with the same ability.  Bowler’s names are called, they select a poker chip from a bag and this indicated the colour of their team (red or white) and the lane they are playing on (number 1 to 8).



When you arrive at the green, place your name tag on the table used to organize the draw.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time in order that the draw can be completed and games can begin on time.  The draw will not be reorganized for late comers, unless including them helps the improve the draw. 


The organizer (convenor) will indicate how many lanes should be set up, please help set up the equipment in the desired lanes.  To avoid the sun interfering with the game the 1 PM draw is set up in an east – west direction, the 6:30 draw in a north – south direction.


Once you have drawn your poker chip, return your name tag to the board, then report with your poker chip which indicates your team (red or white) and your assigned lane number (1-8).  Assemble your team (give poker chips to your skip) and enjoy your game.


Once the game is complete members are asked to assist in returning equipment to the equipment room and poker chips to the name tag table.



An aggregate is an event that runs for 6 or 8 weeks on a specified day and time.  Each week bowlers are organized into teams (a draw) and points are awarded and a running total kept. There is an up-front charge of $5.00 or a charge of $1.00 per day.  Prizes are awarded on the last day and vary depending on the number participating.  This year we are offering four aggregates- Cutthroat, Pairs, Triples and Yard Stick. 


Cutthroat - There will be two groups, one group of Skips and Thirds and a second group of Seconds and Leads.  This will facilitate players only playing against like ranked players in groups of 3 or 4 depending on number of entries.  The scoring will be the player’s accumulated score for games played and a calculated average score issued by convenors for weeks missed.  $5.00 entry fee for 8 weeks.


Pairs and Triples –Each day a random draw is conducted for the bowlers attending and points are awarded: 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie, 1 point for a loss.  Each bowler’s results are tracked for each day the bowler attends.  The entry fee is $1.00 for each day a bowler plays.


Yard Stick Game-Bowlers are awarded points for every bowl they have that is a yard or less from the jack.  The scoring will be the player’s accumulated score for games played and a calculated average score issued by convenors for weeks missed.  $5.00 entry fee for the 6 weeks.

Fun Clinics for returning leads and seconds

Hi Everybody:   It is THAT TIME again! What time? Lawn bowling time.


The Club has decided to put on a series of fun clinics to jump start the beginning of your season. We want to help you get back into the swing of things mentally and physically. Many of you took your lessons last spring and then did not bowl that much. If that happened you probably have forgotten much of what you learned. The clinics are designed to review what you learned and perhaps teach you a few more things. And even if you bowled quite a bit last summer and over the winter we can teach you some new tricks.


The clinics are designed for all of our returning leads and seconds. For those leads who were re-ranked in the fall to be seconds, subject to taking a re-ranking course, these clinics will fulfill that requirement. For re-ranking purposes only, I will put on another clinic on a weekend day if you cannot attend these clinics.


The Club is blessed to have many new bowlers. During a “normal” afternoon draw many of our newer bowlers will be drawn as vice-skips, purely based upon the numbers involved. So you will need to know what a vice-skip does. We will teach you that so that you are comfortable participating in the afternoon draws.


While I agreed to organize the clinics most of the teaching and coaching will be performed by an all star group of eight of our best...and nicest...bowlers. I will introduce all of the topics and you will then be assigned to a small group with your own coach who will go over with you what I have introduced. After we have completed our teaching session you will stay in your group and we will have a pairs or triples game. Each group will continue to have its own coach/mentor during the game.

The games are meant to be both fun and a continuation of the teaching. The clinics will be held starting at 12:00 noon on April 9, 11, 16 and 18. It will help me greatly to know who is attending....and it should be all of our leads and seconds. So please email me at dfredricksen@dccnet .com to let me know if you will be attending the clinics.

More detailed notes for your review and records will be provided prior to each clinic.

For a summary of what we will be covering in the clinics click here.

David Fredricksen      778-887-1757 (cell)     604-948-0228 (land line)


Pony Night Handbook

This excellent Handbook was created by Mike Kelly of the North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club and he has generously given permission to post it on our Website.  It is a valuable tool for all skill levels and especially for newer bowlers.

The Handbook is 66 pages divided into 16 sections. Each section offers lessons in 4 different categories.

1. Bowling Basics: Discusses details on the game every bowler should know.

2. Etiquette: Presents some “unwritten rules” bowlers will want to learn for bowling

with peers.

3. Tips: An extension of Coaching lessons you will already have taken with your coaches.

4. Best Practices: An offering of practices and suggestions to help improve your game.

Click the button for the Pony Night Handbook, 

click on the subject line for the various topics.

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Inside Bowls  Magazine

Some of our Members might be interested in viewing the "Inside Bowls  Magazine"

Their monthly "Library Newsletter" is sent to members of PIBC (Pacific Indoor Bowls Club) and Richmond LBC. )  Inside Bowls magazine provides you with all the latest news and information from around the world free of charge. Simply go to to become a registered reader, then you'd receive the magazine every month.

For April 2024 Library Newsletter from On-Kow Au click here

 For new bowlers, I'd like to recommend the following coaching videos to you.

 "2 Delivery"

- Bowls Canada

Bowls Technical Excellence Services - the Delivery video


On-Kow Au,

( email: )

the librarian,

PIBC and Richmond LBC library

Interested in Lawn Bowling at the BC Senior Games in Salmon Arm, Sept 10-14?

 Events: Men’s Pairs, Women’s Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Mixed Fours (2M2W)

 Age Categories: 55-69 and 70+

Max. No. of Teams/Event/Zone: One/Age Cat.

Max. No. of Events/Participant: 2

Max. No. on Team: 5 Men 5 Women /Age Cat.

 Fees: BCSGS Membership $20; Participant Fee $85; (Sport Fee $10 paid by Zone 4)

Accommodation: self-arranged by individuals or as a group.

You are in Zone 4 for the BC Senior (55Plus) Games if you live in: Bowen Island, Burnaby, Delta, Ladner, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Pemberton, Richmond, Squamish, Sunshine Coast, Tsawwassen, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Whistler.

Lawn Bowling Coordinator for Zone 4 Participants is: Kenneth MacLeod EM: Cell: 604-831-6164

For more information on Lawn Bowling at the 55+ Games, please visit:

The on-line Registration is from March 1 to June 30. For more information on the games or to register please visit:

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Each year TLBC hosts the Tsawwassen Sun Festival Mixed Triples Tournament and this year we were thrilled to host their 5th annual tournament on our new artificial green and in the new Winskill Park Field House.

Sixteen teams of 48 men and women from Ladner, Richmond, White Rock, New Westminster, Maple Ridge and Tsawwassen participated.  Each team played 4 games.   Richmond Lawn Bowling Club, captained by Paul Choi, won the event and received the first-place prize money and the coveted Sunfest Trophy.  Tsawwassen Lawn Bowling Club team comprised of Ralph Walker, Laurie Fredricksen and Betty Cooper won prize money by finishing fourth.



TLBC also hosted a Sun Festival fun mini-tournament for South Delta service clubs; Lions, Rotary, TOOB, Ladner Legion, Masons and SunFest volunteers.  Each Club sent one or two triples’ teams to play in the tournament.  Each team played two (or three) four end games.  Before the games started, TLBC volunteers gave them a very short lesson on how to deliver the jack, the bowls and supervised the games, scoring etc.  Ladner Legion won the event and all the teams vowed to return next year to try to claim the trophy.

Then all of the competitors and the TLBC volunteers were invited to the TOOB food tent next to the Aquatic Center to receive a free meal and a free beverage ticket.  It was a fun event where participants got the opportunity to socialize with members of the Delta community

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Playing The New Green June 2,2023 click here

2023 Open House. click here  

New Members Lessons. click here

Victoria Day May, 22, 2023click here

Mann Park Visitation June 4, 2023 click here

New Members Day & 2022 Trophy Awards June 10-23 click here

2023 Canada Celebration   click here

Winskill Park Lawn Bowling Artificial Turf Grand Opening July 8, 2023   click here


Labour Day Party. click here 

Men's Pairs & Women's Pairs Championship click here 

New Members Lessons

Mixed 4's Club Championship June 10-23

Pick 6 Winners July 9, 2023

Lloyd Shea Competition Aug. 26, 2023

Harvey Memorial Classic Sept. 16, 2023


Check out Pictures & videos:  2022  Events 

Labour Day Hawiian BBQ click here 

Singles Championships Final click here 

Men's and Women's Pair Championship Finals  click here 

Singles Champioship 1st Day click here

Visit to Saanich Golf Club click here

Canada Day  click here

Top Ten Tournament click here

Ladner vs Tsawwassen Friendly Games May, 2022 click here

Farewell to the Old Clubhouse click here


2022 Various Events click here

Harvey Memorial Classic Aug. 28, 2022

Mem's McCarthy Triples Aug. 20, 2022

Welcome New Members Day July 24. 2022

Lloyd Shea Trophy Tournament Aug.13-22

Ladner Women's Triples Aug. 11. 2022

Maggi & Jiggs July 23, 2022

Men's and Women's Pairs Club Champ. 1st Day July 8

Novice Tournament June 4

Tsawwassen Visitation to Langley May

First Evening Lesson April

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