to the Tsawwassen Lawnbowling Club.

Our Address is 1050 54A St,

Delta, B.C. V4M 4B4

Phone:  604 943-6882

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We invite you to join us.

All ages welcome - Junior to Senior

Our bowling season is from April to September.

See Club Schedule of Events - Event Tracker 

Coaching & Mentoring is available.

Club bowls available

During the off season we have:

Mexican Train Social  Friday nights

Social Bridge Saturday afternoons.

Jan. 16, 2022

Hi All:

I hope you are doing well.  The green will re-open for play this Friday morning Jan. 21. 2022.

Play will be north/south on even numbered days and east/west on odd numbered days.  If the low sun in the sky causes us problems we can amend the schedule.   Please note the correct lane colour and change the lane markers before you play. 

When you return to play you may notice piles of junk and some boxes in the clubhouse, and that all photos, trophies and plaques have been removed from the walls and boxed.  The Executive and Ralph have been cleaning house in our clubhouse as we will have to leave the clubhouse, or at least part of it, in the near future (final date still to be determined) in order to allow Kin Village’s construction to proceed.  We are working on transition arrangements to take care of the Club’s most basic needs for the period from when we have to leave the current clubhouse and when our new clubhouse is completed this summer.

We are not yet re-opening the clubhouse for bridge/Mexican Train etc. due to continuing covid concerns, but hope to do so in early February.  When we move out of our clubhouse Kin Village has agreed to provide us with a room where we can play bridge and Mexican Train.  Stay tuned for a further announcement in that regard.


TLBC President

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Christmas Party Dec.10-2021

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for Pictures & Video

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Join us for a fun evening of Mexican Train starting at 7:00 p.m. Friday nights at the clubhouse
Refreshments after 7th Hand - snacks appreciated.

Proof of vaccination required.  Masks to be worn during the games.

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Join us for a friendly game of Bridge Saturday afternoons at the clubhouse starting at 1:pm.  Tsawwassen and Ladner club members are welcome.

 Proof of vaccination required.  Masks to be worn during the games.

Tea at halftime.  Snacks appreciated.

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Calendar of Events Fall/Winter Oct. 2021 to March 2022. click here.  Click X to return to website


2021 AGM, was held October 28, 2021  click for Minutes & President's Report  Click X to return to website

  1. 2020 and 2021 Annual General Meetings

The Societies Act requires that we hold a 2020 AGM even though our 2020-2021 year has come to an end.  We dealt with 2020 AGM matters in the fall of 2020 by way of the circulation of reports by email but still need to hold the formal AGM.  We held a very short formal 2020 AGM October 23, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. just to comply with the Societies Act requirements.  . click Minutes  Click X to return to website

  2.  New clubhouse update

The City of Delta has now signed a contract with a construction company to build our new clubhouse and the adjacent parking lot.  The total cost of the contract was about $2.3 million, but with contingencies and the cost to design our new green included, the project budget is $2.75 million (which does not include the cost to build the new green).  Construction will begin shortly and the contract requires that the project be completed by May 2022.  The new artificial turf green with deck, shade enclosures, lighting, etc. is currently being designed and will be built in 2022.  The green should be completed by December 2022.


  Proof of Vaccination

The Board has decided that for all future TLBC indoor events only persons who have been fully vaccinated may attend.  We will set up a register so that once you have proven you have been vaccinated we will have a record of that proof and will not need you to show that proof at every event.



TLBC President

 We received new covid guidelines from Bowls BC

   -  Nobody needs to fill out a Medical Screening Form any longer.

  • Spectators may come into the green enclosure and watch us play.

  • Our clubhouse is now open and can be used.  Please try to keep distanced while inside.

  • Lynne Frost has been appointed as Chair of the Entertainment/Events Committee (aka our social convenor).  Lynne will need lots of help to put on our social events.  If you can help her out please contact Lynne by phone or by email.

  • In view of the fact that we will be having some social events starting the August long weekend we are now accepting applications for social memberships.  The fee for social members is prorated from the usual $50 and will be $25 for the balance of this year and up to April 15, 2022

Good Bowling All.


Our Games Committee Chair, Ralph Walker, has asked me to forward the following games related issues to you:

 We ask that the first bowlers set all the lane markers to the right colour as per the charts in the shed and the clubhouse.
Afternoon bowlers are asked to double check the markers in case no one was in attendance in the morning

- Last members on the green in each session are to ensure the green has been cleared of all equipment and returned to the shed

 (green sheets, mats, jacks, scoreboards, jack centring sticks, rakes). This is important as one evening in the past week scoreboards, green sheets and mats that were not used but on the green were not returned and left out overnight. This invites vandalism and theft.  Make sure the green, shed and clubhouse are all closed and locked if you may be the last person at the Club.

- Members are responsible for setting up and taking down the greens - for triples draws this is a group task, for reserved bookings setup and take down is by participants for that lane.

 Thank you

Ralph Walker

Bowler Rankings

            The Ranking Committee has met and made ranking decisions for 2021.  I would like to provide some comments concerning the ranking process.  The Committee has eliminated the intermediate rankings (for example “yellow with a green dot”).  The truth is that the ranking process is by its nature imprecise and trying to categorize our players into 7 different levels did not make sense....four levels is enough.  So, if you were a “green with a red dot”  and are now ranked “green” (or vice skip) you have not been demoted...just a change of system.  I have attached a sheet which outlines the general expectations of the Club for each position.  In theory each of Lead, Second, Third/Vice Skip and Skip should account for 25% of the members of the Club so teams of four can be easily and fairly assembled.  We are blessed with an abundance of skips in relation to the three other positions.  No bowlers were moved from vice skip to skip this year.  In some cases this was simply a matter of numbers...we don’t have room for more skips at this time.  Rankings are not really important...they just provide a rough way to fairly conduct a random draw for teams.  Ranked name tags will be placed back on the board tomorrow (just to the right of the clubhouse door for those newer to the Club) and those name tags will show your new or continued ranking.  If you have any questions or concerns about your ranking please address them to me and they will be dealt with.  As vice skips have new additional responsibilities we will soon be putting on a short course for new vice skips, or any continuing vice skips who would like a refresher course.  We will be notifying all vice skips of the date of the course shortly.

Please Click here for Duties and Responsibilities of Each Bowler by Position

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Lawnbowling Arm.

An aid for bowlers who have problems with back, knee, hip etc.

We now have one for our Members to try.

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TLBC hosted Lawn Summer Nights fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis July 13, 2019.  click here

The 2019 event raised over $33,000.00 for Cystic Fibrosis

email From: Kristen Thomas 
Sent: July-14-19 5:58 PM
To: David Fredricksen
Subject: Re: Lawn Summer Nights Tsawwassen



Hi David

Please send a huge thanks to the entire Club,  What a great event.

Thanks again and when can we book for next year in July?

TLBC also hosted Lawn Summer Nights Tsawwassen July 20 2018.  The 2018 event raised over $10,000.00 for Cystic Fibrosis