to the Tsawwassen Lawnbowling Club.

Our Address is 1050 54A St,

Delta, B.C. V4M 4B4

Phone:  604 943-6882

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We invite you to join us.

All ages welcome - Junior to Senior

Our bowling season is from April to September.

See Club Schedule of Events - Event Tracker 

Coaching & Mentoring is available.

Club bowls available

During the off season we have:

Mexican Train Social  Friday nights

Social Bridge Saturday afternoons.

Annual Bridge Tournament

Update June 15, 2020



Below is the link to the Lawn Bowling Schedule page where can you book a time. Click on the link and it should take you to the Lawn Bowling Schedule google sheet.​


  • Alternately you can copy the link and paste it into your browser.

Revised Scheduling Protocol – effective June 15th


Note: The schedule is self monitored and it is hoped the members follow the procedures with integrity to be fair to all.

The site is not being monitored though it is being scrutinized by other members


  • You must schedule a time in order to bowl, no drop ins will be permitted

  • Online booking is available from a link found on our website www.tsawwassenlawnbowl.org

  • You can book up to 2 weeks in advance

  • You can book up to three (3) time slots per week

  • Every time your name appears it is considered as one booking

  • Monday 8:00 am of each week the calendar will be open to book as many additional times in that week only as one wishes, but cannot be consecutive time slots

  • The cut off for next day play will be 5pm the day before

  • Same day bookings will not/cannot be honoured


If you make an error when booking (deletions, etc) and are unsure what to do, please contact Karen (778-389-7268)

or Ralph Walker (778-228-5580) and we may be able to correct it, as we keep daily copies.

Monday  Vic Soulier  604-948-1266  victor24@telus.net

Tuesday Marty Vanstone  604-288-7213  mvanst@telus.net 

Wednesday  Paulie Hamilton  604-943-7997  pauliemae943@gmail.com

Thursday  Cathy Hastings  604-943-0828  cahastings@dccnet.com

Friday  Bev Bula  604-943-5886  bevbula@gmail.com  

Saturday  Felice Andersen  604-943-6929  feliceandersen@gmail.com

Sunday  Karen Walker  778-389-7268  karenwalker5863@gmail.com

 By far the majority of the bowlers followed the guidelines.  However a number of you are still having trouble following the physical distancing guidelines.  If you are not living with your bowling partner you are to stay six feet away from him or her

at all times when on the green or entering or exiting the clubhouse, not get shoulder to shoulder to impart a little bowling wisdom.


You may now move the ground sheets if you wish.  We strongly recommend that you use the hand sanitizer before and after moving the ground sheet as we will not be disinfecting the ground sheets.

Non-bowling members may now come inside the green area to sit on the bench and watch the bowling if they wish.  If you wish to do so you must complete and give in to the monitor the first time you attend the Assumption of Risk form attached.  Each day please check in with the monitor (who may be playing) and provide a Medical Screening Form.  The physical distancing guidelines also must be followed by you.  And please don’t come to the green if you are at all ill.


  • If you have a partner already chosen, record your name in player 1 and their name in player 2

  • If you wish to play individually, record your name in player 1 and “practice” in player 2

  • If you are looking for a partner, record your name in player 1 and leave player 2 blank

  • If you want to play as a pair list both partners as player 1.  If you have lined up an opponent pair list their names
    as player 2;  if you are looking for an opponent pair leave player 2 blank.

  Please review the  Guidelines, the Waiver form and the Medical Screening Form.  (see links below)

To some of you the rules we have put in place may seem “over the top” but the Board feels that they are necessary

in order to reduce the risks associated with covid 19.  In any event, most of the rules we have put in place have been mandated by the City of Delta, the Provincial Health Office or Bowls B.C.  Without these rules we could not bowl this year.


TLBC President

TLBC COVID19 Guidelines Rev. JUNE 15. 2020  click here

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to COVID-19  click here

Medical Screening Form click here


Subject: TLBC Registration and Appointment Instructions 

In order to make it easier for everyone to follow physical distancing guidelines, the locker shed will only be open to be used by our monitors, or upon permission from a monitor. 

  1.      Pick up your bowls and take them home with you.

  2.      Drop off in the folder in the locker shed on the card table we have set up there your cheque made out to “Tsawwassen Lawn Bowling Club” in the amount of $75 per member who wishes to bowl, and a signed and witnessed copy of the Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability” document which is attached.  The latter document can be deposited in the separate folder also on the card table in the locker shed.

Please respect the physical distancing rules by having only one person in the locker shed when you are picking up your bowls.

To make things run more smoothly on bowling days please fill out your Medical Screening Form before you come up to bowl so you can just drop it off in a folder that will be provided.  You will need a completed Medical Screening Form every time you bowl.

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The Wexford July 19, 2019
TLBC at Mann Park June 23-2019
Grade 10 Girls "Fit 4  Life" Class 6-13-19
Singles Mentoring
Mary Hargreaves Recognition

TLBC hosted Lawn Summer Nights fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis July 13, 2019.  click here

The 2019 event raised over $33,000.00 for Cystic Fibrosis

email From: Kristen Thomas 
Sent: July-14-19 5:58 PM
To: David Fredricksen
Subject: Re: Lawn Summer Nights Tsawwassen



Hi David

Please send a huge thanks to the entire Club,  What a great event.

Thanks again and when can we book for next year in July?

TLBC also hosted Lawn Summer Nights Tsawwassen July 20 2018.  The 2018 event raised over $10,000.00 for Cystic Fibrosis


 October 17, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

click here for the Notice and 2019 AGM Agenda

and the President's Report for the AGM

Lawnbowling Arm.

An aid for bowlers who have problems with back, knee, hip etc.

We now have one for our Members to try.

click here for more.......

Punching & Sanding the Green took place  October 2, 2019.

Our thanks to our hardworking Clean Up Crew.    click here


Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019  click here

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Trip to Sanaich July 10, 2018

Coaches,Novices. Members 5-17-18

Women's Furze Triples June 16, 2018

Provincial Fours Champions

Alex Davidson Championship Aug.11-18

J&J garlic Winners July 21-2018

Fund Raiser July 20-18.  

2018 Mixed 4’s Club Champions Aug. 18

2018 Maggie & Jigs Sept. 2, 2018

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Vancouver Island/Powell River Tour
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