to the Tsawwassen Lawnbowling Club.

Our Address is 1050 54A St,

Delta, B.C. V4M 4B4

Phone:  604 943-6882

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We invite you to join us.

All ages welcome - Junior to Senior

Our bowling season is from April to September.

See Club Schedule of Events - Event Tracker 

Coaching & Mentoring is available.

Club bowls available

During the off season we have:

Mexican Train Social  Friday nights

Social Bridge Saturday afternoons.

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 The event will be held on the grass outside the clubhouse.  Please plan to arrive by 5:00 p.m.

Dinner will be served shortly after.  Tickets will go on sale July 22, 2021 at $15 per person.  In order to attend you need to do two things:

  1. Sign up on a signup sheet which will be posted in the clubhouse by July 22nd.  You will be required to choose your choice of pizza slices in advance.  We will be ordering Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Hawaiian pizzas.  You can choose two of one type or mix and match and have one slice each of two different types.  Please make a note of your choices and bring the note to the event...it is frustrating when a member chooses in advance one thing but on the day of the event picks up something different, leaving another member disappointed.

  2. Purchase a ticket by next Wednesday, July 28 from Lynne Frost, Anne Peabody or Val Last.


Lynne Frost, Entertainment Committee Chair.


Ladner Visit:

We have had a low signup rate for the visit to Ladner thus far.  For our newer members this is a great opportunity to visit another club, meet some new people and experience bowling on artificial turf...which will be our surface in a couple of years.  This is not a competition.  We don’t care if we “win” or “lose”.  If you are a newer bowler we suspect you will probably play like one, and that is perfectly okay.  Anyway, we need some more members to sign up by this Friday or we may have to cancel the visit.  Thanks.


TLBC President

  1. Visit to Ladner.  This will occur on August 5.  Please note that if you wish to play both games you need to sign up in both the 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. slots.  Ladner has artificial turf.  They do not like visitors to wear their runners to the club and then get on the green because the runners will often have stones on the bottom which can damage the artificial turf.  So, please use your normal bowling runners but clean the bottoms before you head to Ladner, use another pair of shoes until you get to the green and then change into your cleaned runners.

  2. Aussie Pairs League for August.  This will continue to be a free event.  The signup sheet is up.  Chosen pairs.  August 9, 16, 23 and 30, 6:30 p.m. start.

  3. Wednesday Morning August triples league.  Free.  10: 30 a.m.  August 11, 18 and 25 and September 1.


Announcements July 26, 2021


            Mark your calendar for the following events.  Signup sheets will soon be posted.  August 19, Ladner LBC visits Tsawwassen LBC for the second half of the home and away friendly series, two games at 10:00 and 1:00, paly either or both.

  BC Day August 2 – Toonie Draws.  For the newer members a Toonie Draw is an event much like our normal triples draw.  You put your tag and a toonie on the draw table, get drawn onto a team and the winning team members of the event get the prize money created by the payment of the toonies.


            Mark your calendar for the following events.  Signup sheets will soon be posted.  August 19, Ladner LBC visits Tsawwassen LBC for the second half of the home and away friendly series, two games at 10:00 and 1:00, paly either or both.  BC Day August 2 – Toonie Draws.  For the newer members a Toonie Draw is an event much like our normal triples draw.  You put your tag and a toonie on the draw table, get drawn onto a team and the winning team members of the event get the prize money created by the payment of the toonies.

How to Measure” course:

July or early August Ralph Walker and David will be putting on a “How to Measure” course one day at noon before a triples draw.  We will let you know the date soon. 

Tea Between:  Beginning Tuesday July 20th and every Tuesday thereafter, the morning session will be Tea Between.  

July 8, 2021.

 We received new covid guidelines from Bowls BC

   -  Nobody needs to fill out a Medical Screening Form any longer.

  • Spectators may come into the green enclosure and watch us play.

  • Our clubhouse is now open and can be used.  Please try to keep distanced while inside.

  • Lynne Frost has been appointed as Chair of the Entertainment/Events Committee (aka our social convenor).  Lynne will need lots of help to put on our social events.  If you can help her out please contact Lynne by phone or by email.

  • In view of the fact that we will be having some social events starting the August long weekend we are now accepting applications for social memberships.  The fee for social members is prorated from the usual $50 and will be $25 for the balance of this year and up to April 15, 2022

  • We are going to hold a Novice, and Colts and Sophomore Singles championship events later in August.  We will be contacting all eligible players and will arrange for some training and practice in singles play well in advance of the contests.


Good Bowling All.


Our Games Committee Chair, Ralph Walker, has asked me to forward the following games related issues to you:

New Booking Calendar and Procedures July 5, 2021 

Under the new Booking Calendar there are new procedures, please check the notes in the green column on the right.

- the green direction changes during the day - morning and evening are North/South and afternoon is East/West. We ask that the
first morning bowlers set all the lane markers to the right colour as per the charts in the shed and the clubhouse.
Afternoon bowlers are asked to double check the markers in case no one was in attendance in the morning.


- Afternoon Triples Draws are drop-in and the draw will done by attendees as there will no longer be any monitors.

- Last members on the green in each session are to ensure the green has been cleared of all equipment and returned to the shed

 (green sheets, mats, jacks, scoreboards, jack centring sticks, rakes). This is important as one evening in the past week scoreboards, green sheets and mats that were not used but on the green were not returned and left out overnight. This invites vandalism and theft.  Make sure the green, shed and clubhouse are all closed and locked if you may be the last person at the Club.

- Members are responsible for setting up and taking down the greens - for triples draws this is a group task, for reserved bookings setup and take down is by participants for that lane.

 Thank you

Ralph Walker


            The Club has received the following notice from our Vancouver and District Rep.  If you would like to become a coach and are prepared to volunteer to coach new members under the direction of our Head Coaches, the Club will pay the cost to take a coaching course for a reasonable number of suitable applicants:

            The Bowls BC Coaching programs are being planned for this year now that the eased COVID regulations allow such activities.


Courses, if numbers warrant, will be scheduled for those bowlers who want to become club or competition coaches.


Please register for the course you are interested in on the Bowls BC website - http://bowlsbc.com/development-coaching/



TLBC President


News June 13, 2021

Games Committee Notes June 11, 2021

            Your Games Committee met this week and the following came out of the meeting:

  1. If you wish to bowl on your own or arrange a game outside of the scheduled slots you may now do so by letting yourself into the green with your key.  The following rules apply: you must complete and drop off the medical screening form; when you get equipment out of the shed or return it, both doors of the shed must be open and only one person in the shed at a time.

  2. If you decide to bowl after the sign up period ends, or after a triples draw has been completed, you may drop in and bowl if there is an open lane.  Same rules apply as in #1.

  3. 2020 and 2021 members, you may obtain a key to the green and the Clubhouse from a monitor.  Monitors, I have placed in the President’s file folder in the clubhouse enough keys to give each new or newer member a key.  Please do so upon the request of a new member.

  4. Skips and vice skips, we would ask you to “tighten up” the games.  During the pandemic all games were considered entirely recreational practices.  As a result many of us, me included, got into bad habits where just about anything was tolerated.  Please try to get back into the habit of following the Laws of the Game, and help your seconds and leads to do so as well.  Some examples:

  1. When a jack is delivered play it where it stops (after centering it), don’t kick it forward or backward to make it more convenient.

  2. Rakes are to be placed on the deck during play.

  3. Stay within your lane markers at all times; do not wander into the next lane even if nobody is currently playing on it, otherwise bad habits form.

  1. We will be gradually re-introducing leagues and other money events and you will be expected to closely follow the Laws of the Game (as lawn bowling rules are formally called) during these events so it is time to get used to following the rules.

As always, have fun on the green.


TLBC President

Bowler Rankings

            The Ranking Committee has met and made ranking decisions for 2021.  I would like to provide some comments concerning the ranking process.  The Committee has eliminated the intermediate rankings (for example “yellow with a green dot”).  The truth is that the ranking process is by its nature imprecise and trying to categorize our players into 7 different levels did not make sense....four levels is enough.  So, if you were a “green with a red dot”  and are now ranked “green” (or vice skip) you have not been demoted...just a change of system.  I have attached a sheet which outlines the general expectations of the Club for each position.  In theory each of Lead, Second, Third/Vice Skip and Skip should account for 25% of the members of the Club so teams of four can be easily and fairly assembled.  We are blessed with an abundance of skips in relation to the three other positions.  No bowlers were moved from vice skip to skip this year.  In some cases this was simply a matter of numbers...we don’t have room for more skips at this time.  Rankings are not really important...they just provide a rough way to fairly conduct a random draw for teams.  Ranked name tags will be placed back on the board tomorrow (just to the right of the clubhouse door for those newer to the Club) and those name tags will show your new or continued ranking.  If you have any questions or concerns about your ranking please address them to me and they will be dealt with.  As vice skips have new additional responsibilities we will soon be putting on a short course for new vice skips, or any continuing vice skips who would like a refresher course.  We will be notifying all vice skips of the date of the course shortly.

Please Click here for Duties and Responsibilities of Each Bowler by Position


New Clubhouse and Green

            Planning for our new complex continues.  Karen Walker and I met today with Delta’s Project Superintendent and reviewed the plans.  Completion of the entire project will occur sometime between late 2022 and summer 2023.  Construction is expected to start this fall.


Good Bowling All.  I hope to see you all on the green soon.


Welcome New Members  We are very fortunate to have had twelve new members take lessons and join our club.  We anticipate a few more will join in the next month.  The past couple of years we have had a “Bowling Buddy” system in place to help our new bowlers integrate into the club.  That system worked to a certain degree but I would like to try a couple of different things this year:
1.  I would ask all of our members to wear their name tags every time they bowl.  This will help our new members get to know who the rest of us are.  We are ordering name tags for the new members.  Continuing members make sure you have a name tag.  If you have lost your name tag please let me know and the club will provide you with a new one.  The name tags are quite expensive so please do not ask for one if you already have one.

2. We are forming a “New Members Welcoming Committee.”  I am seeking ten Club members to volunteer to be part of this committee.  There will be no meetings.  Your job on the committee will be to reach out to the new members (you will be provided with a list with contact information) and encourage them to join you on the green and to help them out with any questions or concerns that they may have.  You will be our front line Club Ambassadors.  What a great gig. Please contact me.

David G. Fredricksen
1294 49 StreetDelta B.C. V4M 3W1
Telephone: 604-948-022

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Pizza Picnic in the Park – August 2, 2021

            You are invited to dinner on B.C. Day, August 2.  We will be serving pizza (2 slices per person) and homemade Caesar Salad, fruit punch to drink and watermelon for dessert.

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Lawnbowling Arm.

An aid for bowlers who have problems with back, knee, hip etc.

We now have one for our Members to try.

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TLBC hosted Lawn Summer Nights fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis July 13, 2019.  click here

The 2019 event raised over $33,000.00 for Cystic Fibrosis

email From: Kristen Thomas 
Sent: July-14-19 5:58 PM
To: David Fredricksen
Subject: Re: Lawn Summer Nights Tsawwassen



Hi David

Please send a huge thanks to the entire Club,  What a great event.

Thanks again and when can we book for next year in July?

TLBC also hosted Lawn Summer Nights Tsawwassen July 20 2018.  The 2018 event raised over $10,000.00 for Cystic Fibrosis