to the Tsawwassen Lawnbowling Club.

Our Address is 1050 54A St,

Delta, B.C. V4M 4B4

Phone:  604 943-6882

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We invite you to join us.

All ages welcome - Junior to Senior

Our bowling season is from April to September.

See Club Schedule of Events - Event Tracker 

Coaching & Mentoring is available.

Club bowls available

During the off season we have:

Mexican Train Social  Friday nights


Social Bridge Saturday afternoons.


Annual Bridge Tournament


Below is the link to the Lawn Bowling Schedule page where can you book a time. Click on the link and it should

take you to the Lawn Bowling Schedule google sheet.​


 Alternately you can copy the link and paste it into your browser. 

 Fall and Winter Bowling

   With reduced travel opportunities this fall and winter could be pretty boring.  To try to help out a little the Board has
   decided to keep our green open as long as weather conditions and the condition of the green allows us to do so. 
    We hope to keep the green open until our first hard freeze or heavy snowfall. 

Update Nov. 1 2020

With the cool nights and mornings we have noticed that virtually nobody has wanted to bowl in the morning sessions lately. 

So we are making the following changes:

Update Nov. 5, 2020

With apologies for all of these changes to our schedule we are going to tweak our bowling schedule starting Nov. 9th

to reflect changing light and weather conditions.  Our afternoon bowling will start at 1:00 p.m. to better make use of the mid day

warmer temperatures.  All bowling will be North/South to avoid having to look into the sun which is lower in the sky this time of year. 

We will move lane markers twice per week to protect the green from excessive wear in any one area.  We are also not going to mow

the green in November to let it naturally get a bit longer which will allow it to recover better for next year’s bowling, so you may

notice the green becoming a bit slower and heavier.

  1. The online schedule will only allow bookings to be made for the 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. slot every day, plus the Wednesday evening slot.

  2. However, if the afternoon slot is full, or if for any other reason you really want to bowl at 10:30 a.m. we will accommodate you. 
    You will need to contact me at 604-948-0228, or 778-887-1757 or dfredricksen@dccnet.com at any time up until 5:00 p.m. the
    evening before you wish to bowl, and I will find you a monitor if your group does not include a monitor, or I will be your monitor.


Morning monitors, thank you for your service this season.  I hope I can call on you occasionally if I need a monitor for a rare morning session or to spell off an afternoon monitor.

On another but perhaps related topic, Laurie and I are currently “knocking down the dew” five mornings per week.  It is not
particularly onerous.  It involves pulling a roller behind you over the entire green and takes about 20 to 30 minutes depending
upon your pace.  We are prepared to continue to de-dew but it would be nice if Laurie and I could get down to de-dewing twice each week.  Any volunteers to help us out?


TLBC President
































Scheduling Etiquette
There is some understandable confusion about when you can join another member who has already put his or her name down for bowling.  Hopefully I can clear the confusion up:

  • If you want to practice on your own put your name in the first box and “Practice” in the second box.  This means that you are not looking for company on your lane.  Nobody can join you unless they first call you and seek your approval.

  • If you want to bowl but do not have anybody to bowl with put your name in the first box and leave the second box blank.
    This means that you are content to have someone join you on your lane.  The second person can insert his or her name in the second box.

  • If there are two of you who want to practice together, or have a singles game, insert one name in the first box and the
    second name in the second box.  This means that the two of you do not want to be joined by anybody else on your lane.

  • If there are two of you who want to bowl as a pair and you are looking for another pair to join you put both your names in the first box, for example “DavF/TedO” and leave the second box blank.  This means that you want to bowl as a pair and are looking for another pair to play against.  Another pair can feel free to join you in a game by placing their two names in the second box.

  • If there are two of you who want to bowl but want to split up and have others join you in a pairs game the first person can put his name in the first box, for example, “DavF/”, and the second person would put his name in the second box, for example, “TedO/”. 
    This would mean that Ted and I are looking for individuals to join each of us as our pairs partners.

  • If two pairs wish to bowl against each other they put two names in each box and that of course cannot be changed by others.

  • In spite of all of the above rules you can of course at any time call up somebody who has put his, her or their names down and suggest another arrangement.
    David G. Fredricksen, 
    TLBC President
    Aug. 22, 2020

If you make an error when booking (deletions, etc) and are unsure what to do, please contact Karen (778-389-7268)

or Ralph Walker (778-228-5580) and we may be able to correct it, as we keep daily copies.

Monday  Vic Soulier  604-948-1266  victor24@telus.net

Tuesday Marty Vanstone  604-288-7213  mvanst@telus.net 

Wednesday  Paulie Hamilton  604-943-7997  pauliemae943@gmail.com

Thursday  Cathy Hastings  604-943-0828  cahastings@dccnet.com

Friday  Bev Bula  604-943-5886  bevbula@gmail.com  

Saturday  Felice Andersen  604-943-6929  feliceandersen@gmail.com

Sunday  Karen Walker  778-389-7268  karenwalker5863@gmail.com

Members can book up to two weeks in advance (three slots).  On Monday, any slots not booked for the first of the
two weeks can be booked by the members as long as they do not book two consecutive slots on the same day. 

Note: The schedule is self monitored and it is hoped the members follow the procedures with integrity to be fair to all.

The site is not being monitored though it is being scrutinized by other members

TLBC Minor Scheduling Tweaks/Monitor Needed, Aug. 7/20


(approved by Board of TLBC on July 19, 2020)


  • Players MUST book a timeslot, no drop ins will be permitted, no draws.

  • There will be no access to the clubhouse except for use of the washroom.

  • There will be no access to the shed, no storage of bowls in clubhouse or shed (bowls must be transported to green
    for each session).

  • Physical distancing of at least 6 feet is to be observed at all times.


  • You must complete a provided Medical Screening Form each time you play.  Please print off the sheets and complete them prior to arriving.

  • Players must practice safe hygiene at all times, including washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer.

  • All players must leave the premises immediately after the conclusion of play (maximum of 90 minutes unless there are no players signed up for session immediately after your session, in which case if monitor agrees you may extend
    your session to two hours).

  • All members who wish to play this season must sign an agreement to abide by these Covid 19 guidelines and
    an assumption of risk agreement.

  • Please treat monitors with respect; they are volunteers who allow us to open the green.

  • If a Covid 19 outbreak occurs within club members the green will be immediately closed until corrective measures
    have been implemented.


Bowls Activity


  • Maximum of 16 bowlers, plus monitor if monitor is not playing, on green at any one time, four players to a rink maximum, with physical distancing at all times.  Only singles, pairs and cutthroat (3 bowlers) games may be played.

  • A maximum number of 25 people on Club premises at any one time, including bowlers, volunteers and spectators.

  • NO scoreboards to be used.  Paper scorecards can be used.

  • Green sheets will be in place upon arrival.  If you need to move the green sheet sanitize your hands before and
    after moving it.

  • Mats and rakes: if you handle a mat, rake or jack please sanitize your hands regularly, and in any event before
    touching your face.  
    Monitors will put out one rake per lane, but if you feel you need two rakes politely ask the monitor,
    and he/she will get an additional rake.

  • Jacks may be delivered and set in normal fashion but sanitize your hands often.

  • Other bowls equipment cannot be shared between players (e.g. bowls, cloths, measures etc).  One bowler, if singles play,
    or one bowler at each end if pairs play, shall measure using his personal measure.

  • TLBC has and will maintain signs (4 in total) at the only entrance to the green outlining the physical distancing guidelines
    in place as well as hand washing recommendations and protocols.

  • Hand sanitizing bottles will be placed at each end of any lanes being used, plus one on the table on the deck at the
    entrance to the clubhouse, and one on the kitchen counter on the way to the restrooms (10 hand sanitizing bottles in
    total).  We will use federally approved hand sanitizers purchased at Thrifty’s Foods.

  • The monitors shall sanitize any surfaces normally touched in the restrooms or the doors to them before each session starts.  Bowlers shall sanitize their hands immediately before and after using the restrooms using hand sanitizing bottles placed on counter on route to the restrooms.

  • Only alternating rinks shall be used, for example, 1, 3, 5 and 7 or 2, 4, 6 and 8.    Rinks being used for each session of bowling are listed on the interactive scheduling website provided by TLBC.

  • Only one person is allowed in the clubhouse to use the restrooms at a time.  Wait outside if someone is using
    the restroom and maintain physical distancing at all times.

  • Bowlers should bring their own food or water if they wish to have food or water.

  • All Club Equipment will be sanitized by monitors appointed by the club.  The precise protocol for sanitization of the equipment is set out in the list of duties provided to each club monitor. Only one person may be in the locker shed
    at a time.  If you are helping out the monitor by removing equipment after your game ends, either leave the equipment outside of the shed and allow the monitor to put it into the shed or make sure the shed is empty before you enter the shed.

  • Registered club members who are not bowling may attend on the green to watch but must meticulously practice social distancing guidelines of 2 meters, must fill in the Assumption of Risk form before their first visit,  must fill out
    the Medical Screening Form on each visit and must check in with the Monitor before entering the green.

  • Non members may enter the Club property, including the green, to spectators but must complete our Assumption of Risk and Waiver Agreement upon first entry and must complete our Medical Screening Form prior to each entry.

  • Upon signing the Assumption of Risk form a non-member will automatically be granted membership for this season only.

  • All persons must report to the monitor before entering the green.

  • All persons entering the green must wash or sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the premises and prior to leaving the premises.

  • Spectators may sit upon our benches but must maintain physical distancing at all times from other spectators and the bowlers.

  • Only one greens maintenance person working at a time on the green; greens maintenance to be undertaken when
    bowling is not taking place; greens maintenance crew to sanitize maintenance equipment before and after using it.

  • The Club may sign up new members but will not solicit new members.


  Please review the  Guidelines, the Waiver form and the Medical Screening Form.  (see links below)

To some of you the rules we have put in place may seem “over the top” but the Board feels that they are necessary

in order to reduce the risks associated with covid 19.  In any event, most of the rules we have put in place have been
mandated by the City of Delta, the Provincial Health Office or Bowls B.C.  Without these rules we could not bowl this year.


TLBC President

TLBC COVID19 Guidelines Rev. JUNE 15. 2020  click here

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to COVID-19  click here

Medical Screening Form click here


Subject: TLBC Registration and Appointment Instructions 

In order to make it easier for everyone to follow physical distancing guidelines, the locker shed will only be open to be used by our monitors, or upon permission from a monitor. 

  1.      Pick up your bowls and take them home with you.

  2.      Drop off in the folder in the locker shed on the card table we have set up there your cheque made out to “Tsawwassen Lawn Bowling Club” in the amount of $75 per member who wishes to bowl, and a signed and witnessed copy of the Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability” document which is attached.  The latter document can be deposited in the separate folder also on the card table in the locker shed.

Please respect the physical distancing rules by having only one person in the locker shed when you are picking up your bowls.

To make things run more smoothly on bowling days please fill out your Medical Screening Form before you come up to bowl so you can just drop it off in a folder that will be provided.  You will need a completed Medical Screening Form every time you bowl.


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                              TLBC Christmas Plants Sale


Laurel Scott is once again taking care of ordering some lovely Christmas plants for us. 

To all that have ordered Christmas plants the pickup date is December 2 between 11-12 o’clock!!

If that cannot work for you please call Laurel to make alternate arrangements.

Your president, David, will be on hand to greet you.

Bowlers November 28, 2020

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email From: Kristen Thomas 
Sent: July-14-19 5:58 PM
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Subject: Re: Lawn Summer Nights Tsawwassen



Hi David

Please send a huge thanks to the entire Club,  What a great event.

Thanks again and when can we book for next year in July?

TLBC also hosted Lawn Summer Nights Tsawwassen July 20 2018.  The 2018 event raised over $10,000.00 for Cystic Fibrosis


 October 17, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

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Lawnbowling Arm.

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We now have one for our Members to try.

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