to the Tsawwassen Lawnbowling Club.

Our Address is 1050 54A St,

Delta, B.C. V4M 4B4

Phone:  604-948-0228

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CANADA DAY July 1, 2022



2022 Cutthroat Scores–
Friday Night Tournament


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Introduction & Conditions of Play

We invite you to join us.

All ages welcome - Junior to Senior

Coaching & Mentoring is available.

Club bowls available

During the off season we have:

Mexican Train Social  Friday nights



Social Bridge Saturday afternoons. Tea at halftime.  Snacks appreciated.

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Buy & Sell Lawnbowls and Equipment

for Members Only of Tsawwassen Lawnbowling Club

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The signup period is now July 6 for all pairs and singles events. 

The first pairs matches will be on July 9 and the first singles matches on July 16.  If you are not available on these new first dates the convenors will work with all participants to get the game played in a timely fashion on another date.  You still need to be available for the finals – Pairs August 6 and Singles on August 27.



  The smaller but still serviceable old clubhouse is open once again.  KinVillage has done a nice job of creating a safe and convenient entry to our clubhouse with pavers.  It effectively increases our patio area which will be a bonus when summer arrives.   Any member can open and use the clubhouse and its washrooms.


 Tea Between resumes Monday June 20. 2022 .  For those who did not join prior to the onset of the pandemic, on Mondays, at the normal 1:00 p.m. draw time we play 6 ends (if a triples game, 7 ends if a pairs game), and then break for tea and small treats.  A volunteer puts on the tea and cookies.  There will be a sign up sheet in the kitchen so please volunteer for a future Monday.  After the tea you go back on the green and complete your 12 or 14 end game.  The only seating available will be on the patio.  


 Our Games Committee chair has determined that with the very small clubhouse  it makes sense to continue that which has worked well this season.  The ranking tag board and signup and draw sheets will remain in the locker sheds and afternoon and evening draws will be conducted in the locker shed.  All of this is of course just temporary until our new clubhouse and green are completed and we move in.

A group of us meets each Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m. to do various tasks around the green. We can always use an extra hand. Come on out and help us make the green and surrounding areas look better.

Games Committee Chair, Ralph Walker, advises games related issues:

 We ask that the first bowlers set all the lane markers to the right colour as per the charts in the shed and the clubhouse.
Afternoon bowlers are asked to double check the markers in case no one was in attendance in the morning

- Last members on the green in each session are to ensure the green has been cleared of all equipment and returned to the shed

 (green sheets, mats, jacks, scoreboards, jack centring sticks, rakes). This is important as one evening in the past week scoreboards, green sheets and mats that were not used but on the green were not returned and left out overnight. This invites vandalism and theft.  Make sure the green, shed and clubhouse are all closed and locked if you may be the last person at the Club.

- Members are responsible for setting up and taking down the greens - for triples draws this is a group task, for reserved bookings setup and take down is by participants for that lane.

 Thank you

Ralph Walker

Bowler Rankings

            The Ranking Committee has met and made ranking decisions for 2021.  I would like to provide some comments concerning the ranking process.  The Committee has eliminated the intermediate rankings (for example “yellow with a green dot”).  The truth is that the ranking process is by its nature imprecise and trying to categorize our players into 7 different levels did not make sense....four levels is enough.  So, if you were a “green with a red dot”  and are now ranked “green” (or vice skip) you have not been demoted...just a change of system.  I have attached a sheet which outlines the general expectations of the Club for each position.  In theory each of Lead, Second, Third/Vice Skip and Skip should account for 25% of the members of the Club so teams of four can be easily and fairly assembled.  We are blessed with an abundance of skips in relation to the three other positions.  No bowlers were moved from vice skip to skip this year.  In some cases this was simply a matter of numbers...we don’t have room for more skips at this time.  Rankings are not really important...they just provide a rough way to fairly conduct a random draw for teams.  Ranked name tags will be placed back on the board tomorrow (just to the right of the clubhouse door for those newer to the Club) and those name tags will show your new or continued ranking.  If you have any questions or concerns about your ranking please address them to me and they will be dealt with.  As vice skips have new additional responsibilities we will soon be putting on a short course for new vice skips, or any continuing vice skips who would like a refresher course.  We will be notifying all vice skips of the date of the course shortly.

Please Click here for Duties and Responsibilities of Each Bowler by Position

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Lawnbowling Arm.

An aid for bowlers who have problems with back, knee, hip etc.

We now have one for our Members to try.

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New Member brings new technique

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